Self-care is the process of releasing toxins from the mind, body and soul; it doesn’t strive for perfection, it strives for improvement. The process of self-care enables us to build a strong foundation where our imperfections can be sorted through as we let go of what is either out of our control or no longer required for our growth.

Scent can reintroduce a memory, induce a world of fantasy, bring us down to earth and alleviate tenacity. A combination of fragrances can provide deep insight whilst uplifting our spirits and bring us to a pleasant state of awareness.

Weaving self-care and the power of scent allows us to open our minds and take a step forward without getting stuck in the grit of self-defiance.

Everything in my store is handmade, formulated and designed by me, from my logo down to the product and packaging of it.

My 100% natural perfumes react to your pheromones complimenting the true essence of you. Using a range of essential oils +plant waters, my unisex Perfume Range is sure to delight your mind, body + soul.

My cruelty + fragrance-free skincare range is gentle and deeply nourishing for your skin. This range is made with dry and sensitive skin types in mind; not only is it fantastic for you but it’s gentle enough for the little ones, too. Indulge in silky soft skin with my Skincare Range.

Looking for an incense oil or a scented body oil instead? Contact me and let me know what you’re looking for, I’d love to whip up something special just for you!