we put our feet through a lot
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Coconutea Foot Scrub

We put our feet through a lot! It’s easy to forget showing our feet tender loving care. I’m a barefoot baby, if I can be around without my shoes, you know I’m not wearing any. My feet are particularly thick-skinned but to ensure they get the best treatment, sometimes a simple foot scrub is all we need to ensure our feet are soothed and relaxed. Toe squats, ankle stretches and laying down with our legs up against the wall are wonderful exercises to to alleviate pressure, tension and assist circulation in our feet.

Another wonderful way is massaging a scrub that’s moisturising, soothing whilst removing tough, dead skin. This is easily my favourite foot scrub recipe, it’s simple and does the job well!

Need a visual? Watch how I made it here + Watch the application here

How often to use:


Perfect for rough skin.

Sensitive skin – add 1 cup of coconut cream or almond milk to easy the roughness of the tea.


∷ 2 Tablespoons Black Tea (Loose leaf)

∷ 2 Tablespoons Almond Meal

∷ 2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil


⌖ Mix Black Tea, Almond Meal + Coconut Oil

⌖ Massage scrub into feet, ankle and legs

⌖ Rinse off with cool or lukewarm water

⌖ Towel dry then moisturise with a butter, cream or lotion

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