Neem Rice and Honey Mask Recipe
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Neem, Rice and Honey Mask Recipe

A divine Neem Rice and Honey Mask Recipe for a gorgeous glow. Perfect for a deep cleanse using nourishing ingredients that scrub off dead skin without scratching the skin’s surface and penetrating deep enough to push out excess dirt and oils without removing necessary natural oils. What’s great about this hair and body mask is the ingredients used are perfect to help sebum control; the combination of ingredients assist in bringing balance to your skin and hair. Generally, with oily hair, the scalp is secreting too much oil which then spreads through the hair fibers. A big mistake is over-washing hair, as we continue to wash our hair, it strips the natural oils which results in more moisture being secreted on top of flaking, dry skin. Neem Powder and Rice Flour are fantastic for removing the dead skin and providing a deep cleanse. Honey is a wonderful mosituriser that also tightens the pores and locks in necessary moisture.

This is an indulgent mask so please only use it on the scalp & hair once a fortnight and weekly on the face and body. It has a wonderful result after just a few (3 – 5) uses. Keeping on masks for longer than the recommended time doesn’t improve the quality and can worsen your skin. Make sure in between the use of this mask, you’re also moisturising daily and not over washing skin and hair. If you can, reduce washing your hair to once every 3 days.

Wonderful things take time and the natural self-care process is all about patience. Take it easy and treat yourself.

Need a visual? Watch me make + apply it here

Suitable Skin & Hair Types:

🌡 Dry
πŸ’§ Oily

How often to use:

Face – Once a week
Hair – Once a fortnight


∷ 2 teaspoons Neem Powder

∷ 2 teaspoons Rice Flour

∷ 2 teaspoons Honey

∷ ½ Cup Hot Water


βŒ– Mix Neem Powder, Rice Flour & Honey

βŒ– Add Hot Water, mix in well or until smooth

βŒ– Massage onto skin & scalp

βŒ– Leave in for about 5 – 10 minutes or before it starts to dry

βŒ– Wash out of hair with shampoo and rinse off skin with warm soapy water

βŒ– Finish off your routine with a deeply moisturising cream or lotion

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