• Valentines + Self Love

    Valentines + Self Love

    Self love is more than indulging in peaceful days and tangible self-care rituals. Self love allows us to face our fears, learn what holds us back and work with our darkest thoughts that can be a predecessor to negative behaviors. Self love allows us to get to the core of these behaviors and issues before it blindsides us into living our worst lives. If we’re already stuck in a rut, it allows us to find a crack in the pit of darkness and slowly break free to live a life we may have never known was possible.

  • Makers Midnight Musing

    Makers Midnight Musing

    I put out a poll to my little Instagram community asking what they look for when they shop small; If they looked for everything handmade, big brands reselling items through small business owners or either as long as it was a small business. Everyone that took part in the quiz picked “everything handmade”, a few …

  • Coconutea Foot Scrub

    Coconutea Foot Scrub

    We put our feet through a lot! It’s easy to forget showing our feet tender loving care. I’m a barefoot baby, if I can be around without my shoes, you know I’m not wearing any. My feet are particularly thick-skinned but to ensure they get the best treatment, sometimes a simple foot scrub is all …