What’s so special about Bunny’s formula?

Initially experimenting with essential oils and delving into botany, I began creating my own fragrance oils, body and hair oils using before expanding my range using all sorts of natural ingredients. What started as unifying the mind, body + soul through scent turned into a deep dive into the wonderful world of skincare, perfumery + Ayurveda.

Each product in my range is formulated based on a mix of ancient traditional practices + Science using ethically sourced plant ingredients that are grown locally where possible. Everything in my range is handmade by me in my home lab based in Naarm.

The delightfully complex scent of each 100% plant based fragrance reacts to your pheromones complimenting the true essence of you. Indulge in what your mind, body + soul are asking of you with my Delightful Perfume Range.

I was born with dry/eczema type skin and I’m very sensitive to certain textures. I was constantly on the lookout for creams that weren’t too thick or greasy that could keep my skin hydrated without flaring up my irritations. I got used to the thought that dry skin was only hydrated with heavy and thick creams which left me in front of a fan for about 2 hours before I was able to wear something loose and light; certain materials rubbing against heavily moisturised skin left me in a very unpleasant state. After learning about skincare and many formulations later, I created my very own lightweight but deeply nourishing butters and cream using natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

Sink in to lustrous skin with my deeply nourishing and lovingly fragrance free Indulgent Skincare Range.

Below are images of my Mango Butter Cream being made. Left: Refined Mango Butter and Candelilla Wax. Right: The Magical Mango Butter Cream mixture just before piping it into jars.

My Mango Butter Cream range has been particularly popular. You can even add a fragrance!

This pink Mango Butter Cream was custom created for a wonderful woman who loves a touch of pearl sheen but could never find a eco-friendly or natural alternative, so I made it for her ✨ If you’d like a custom order, feel free to Contact me.

Looking for an incense oil, scented body oil or picking the right gift, please Contact me. I’d love to whip up something special just for you!

Until I’m able to grow the ingredients in myself, I source raw ingredient from cruelty-free businesses that not only support us but the communities they’re in whilst maintaining sustainable practices.

Why did Bunny start creating and hand making formulas?

I want you to love a healthier you, not a flawless you.

Self-care asks us to love and care for our bodies as it takes care of us. This practice glows from within and impacts the communities we live within. I found self-love wasn’t as simple as loving myself as I am; it was nourishing every aspect of life, diet to mind, and it was facing the darker sides of myself that I had been running away from my whole life. For over 15 years I truly believed there was no hope left. I created self-care routines to keep me in the present moment and built a strong foundation for myself as I continuously lost hope, even within my art. Spiritually and mentally I struggled to gauge reality. I needed something tangible which led me to creating and formulating everything in Bunny’s Formula.

The use of perfumes and skincare can be monumental in our self-care routines but it’s important to remember that it’s only one part of our journey. I’m here to add a little touch of delight and indulgence on this crazy trip called life.

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Looking for something a little more personal, either for yourself or for someone special? Perhaps you’re changing your approach to self-care and not sure where to start? Contact Me and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Our Suppliers

Oils & Herbs

Until I have a space to grow my own herbs, I source my raw ingredients from suppliers who are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. I stick to local suppliers where possible, however not all ingredients are grown in one place as it can cause more damage to the natural wildlife of this beautiful land and reduce its biodiversity.

Bottles & Caps​

Our gorgeous bottles are all thanks to a lovely local. They started with a focus on essential oils & raw materials before evolving into manufacturing organic, recycled, recyclable & biodegradable material.


Our shipping boxes are supplied by another local manufacturer using recycled & recyclable material which support responsible forestry practices.


Bank Australia don’t loan to harmful industries such as fossil fuels or live animal exports & they seek to lend money to those that have a positive impact i.e. individual customers, community renewable energy as well as community & disability housing.