My Journey & the Creation of Bunny’s Formula:

My journey in self-care initially began with learning about essential oils & plant medicine through the lens of Ayurveda.

As an adult, I began practicing self-care routines to heal my mind & soul. I quickly learned loving myself as I am wasn’t what self-care was truly about; self-care is nourishing every aspect of life, diet to mind.

For most of my life, I was in a dark place that led me down a path of self-harming behaviours. Eventually, I was unable to function & the demons I had been running away from finally caught up to me. I had to create self-care routines that kept me in the present moment to build a strong foundation & heal the wounds I didn’t know I had.

I needed something tangible that allowed me to verify what reality I was in, eventually, the practices & rituals I created turned into everything now available in Bunny’s Formula.

I hope to eventually build my business into a safe space for those who need to work through their pain whilst building skills & helping our community. More than giving donations to charities, I’d like to eventually also work directly with or at least provide opportunities for those who are going through it.

Life is complicated & all it takes is one person to remind you that you’re worth every second of life.

The use of perfumes & skincare can be monumental in our self-care routines but it’s important to remember that this is only one part of our journey. There’s a lot of work in the process of self-care, like mental health, nutrition & for some, spirituality (without letting it control, dictate or excuse your life or falling into spiritual psychosis).

I’m here as a refresher, a reminder: a new day has started & it will be worth it, even if the outcome isn’t always what we’d hoped.

Looking for something a little more personal, either for yourself or for someone special? Perhaps you’re changing your approach to self-care? Contact me. I’d love to whip up something special just for you or that beautiful person in your life!

Isn’t Bunny’s Formula just another beauty company?

No. Unlike most big beauty companies that are selling you a problem & fix it with their gazillion products that tend to degrade your skin faster before selling you yet another “miracle solution”. I’m here to keep it real & keep it simple. I’m not here to appease an aesthetic & I’m not here to feed you bullshit. I study every single ingredient for months, if not years & keep my research up to date to know exactly what it is I’m selling you, how it benefits us & if it’s even suitable for your personal needs.

I use my products, I’m the first & main test subject. I don’t have perfect skin, I don’t get work done, nor do I go to clinics or salons to even get my eyebrows done. I do everything self-care related for myself by myself; a personal choice that is most beneficial to me. My products are tested on my friends & family that use the products, they have varying skin types & lifestyles. Some of them have extreme sensitivities, some are neurospicy with texture sensitivities & don’t like getting touched by anyone (like myself) & some are fine with most things & love going to salons, clinics or spas.

We’re constantly being told how to improve our look or what needs to be fixed, even with face yoga (as much as I love it) a lot of them focus on the anti-ageing rhetoric but there’s so much more to it that’s beneficial. Everything I’ve seen tends to be an add-on to an already complex routine but that can get overwhelming & a lot of the time, they’re harming your skin rather than healing it.

I want us to get lost in the moment & indulge in a routine that’s plant-based, cruelty-free, low waste, ethically & locally sourced but most importantly, simple. You don’t need much of any of the products. They’re long-lasting & work wonders!

Unlike a lot of beauty companies out there, whether it’s drop shipped or a big brand, they tend to have a team behind them. I’m just one person, each product in my range is designed, formulated, handmade & packed by me in my little lab.

Watch me make my products here.

If you’re looking for something particular or not sure where to start, contact me & we can have a little chat about what would be best for you.

Bunny’s Formula has officially pledged to the Perfumery Code of Ethics. What does this mean? It means all the perfumes in my range abide by the below statements when selling & creating my perfumes.



Until I have a space to grow some of my own herbs, I source my raw ingredients from suppliers who are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. I stick to local suppliers where possible, however not all the ingredients used are grown in one place as it can cause more damage to the natural wildlife of this beautiful land and reduce its biodiversity.


The gorgeous bottles & jars are all thanks to a couple of lovely locals. They started with a focus on essential oils & raw materials before evolving into manufacturing organic, recycled, recyclable & biodegradable packaging.


My product labels are self-designed & home printed using recyclable labels. Shipping boxes are either repurposed from my room full of cardboard I’ve saved over the years or sourced from a local manufacturer that uses recycled & recyclable material who support responsible forestry practices.


Bank Australia don’t loan to harmful industries such as fossil fuels or live animal exports & they seek to lend money to those that have a positive impact i.e. individual customers, community renewable energy as well as community & disability housing.